Market Analytics

Rapidly analyze any market, site, portfolio, or community on hundreds of KPIs especially formulated for the senior housing market.

Custom Benchmarking

Benchmark any market, site, community, or portfolio against any other market, site, community, or portfolio in the US. Compare against competition or internal benchmarks.

Market Exploration

Explore markets using powerful tools and custom data sets. Explore wealth, age, and acuity patterns, referral sources, labor costs & conditions, and much more.

Resident Insights

Analyze resident patterns to identify potential underutilized areas of opportunity. Assess prospect ability to pay and other key metrics.

Cutting Edge Senior Housing Market Analytics & Insights

See the Market Move in Real-Time


A robust feature set designed to unlock the full power of market analytics in an easy-to-use platform.

Site Evaluation & Benchmarking

 Evaluate an unlimited number of sites on hundreds of key performance indicators. Benchmark site performance against any group of sites or communities nationwide. Evaluate site fit against internal selection criteria.

Portfolio Evaluation

Evaluate your portfolio and/or an acquisition opportunity on hundreds of key performance indicators. Benchmark portfolio performance against any group of communities nationwide. Assess market capacity for future growth and your communities' positioning.

Customized Market Evaluation

Assess any market(s) nationwide on hundreds of key performance indicators. Filter for markets meeting internal selection criteria. Drill down to the submarket and site level. Benchmark markets against customized benchmark groups. Identify markets that fit the profiles of your most successful communities.

Templated Reports

Create customized reports for any site, community, portfolio, or market with the click of a button. Tailor reports to show preferred key performance indicators, benchmark groups, and selection criteria. Streamline and standardize investment committee review.

Market Condition Monitoring

Dashboards monitor market conditions around your sites/communities. Track changes in hundreds of key performance indicators. Receive alerts to changes in market conditions including labor force, competition, housing market, demographics, employment, etc.

Nationwide Coverage

Leverage the most comprehensive, nationwide database of senior housing supply to evaluate any market nationwide. Identify underserved markets and track market conditions outside of the top metro areas.  Take a truly comprehensive approach to senior housing evaluation.

Resident Mapping & Qualification

Visualize the actual draw area around your communities by mapping your residents' previous residence. Identify key pockets of opportunity and tailor marketing strategy accordingly. Better understand your residents net worth, incomes, and other key metrics to inform future site selection.

Real-Time New Competition Alerts

Receive alerts of new construction the moment they enter the planning phase. Quickly understand proposed product mix and operator characteristics. Automatically generate Competitive Impact Reports detailing the expected impact of new construction.

Diverse & Relevant Data

Harness the power of a comprehensive library of disparate data sets relevant to senior housing performance, such as: competition, demographics, migration, referral sources, procedure volumes, commute patterns, employment, labor market, acuity, housing market, and much more.

In-Depth Market Exploration

Explore markets in granular detail. View competition, referral sources, employers, commute patterns, key metric distribution and much more. Rapidly & thoroughly vet sites prior to "boots-on-the-ground" validation. Visualize referral and customer patterns to unlock market insights.

Predictive Analytics

Project future market conditions.  Assess the impact of new market entrants. Understand the effect of changing consumer preferences and other market dynamics, such as increasing acuity, disability rates, and age-of-entry. Use predictive market analytics to enhance strategy at the community and portfolio level.

Robust Benchmarking

Efficiently compare your sites, community, and/or portfolio to any other site, community, and/or portfolio in the nation. View competitor performance on a wide range of KPI and compare against your own. Rapidly identify areas of under and over performance and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Sites Evaluated
Acquisitions Analyzed
Communities Assessed
Markets Surveyed

Use Cases

VisionLTC delivers easy-to-use tools for a wide variety of stakeholders in the senior housing industry.


  • Evaluate & benchmark new sites, markets, and acquisition opportunities.
  • Monitor, assess, & benchmark market conditions around existing portfolio.
  • Enhance marketing strategy through deep market/resident analytics.
  • Increase conversion through critical, real-time prospect information.


  • Evaluate & benchmark market conditions around prospective deals.
  • Monitor & assess market conditions around existing portfolio.
  • Track & analyze portfolio-wide risk factors & exposure to new development.
  • Obtain market condition context for evaluating operator performance.

Equity Analyst

  • Rapidly evaluate changing market conditions around covered companies.
  • Benchmark & compare covered name portfolios & assets.
  • Track & analyze portfolio-wide risk factors & exposure to new development.
  • Obtain market condition context for evaluating financial performance.

Investment Banker

  • Evaluate & benchmark market conditions around prospective deals.
  • Export templatized reports detailing market conditions around portfolio.
  • Generate accurate financial projections grounded in market conditions.
  • Give prospective buyers greater confidence through more information.


  • Evaluate any market nationwide against internal selection criteria.
  • Rapidly assess & benchmark a potential site for suitability.
  • Monitor changing market conditions around sites in-progress.
  • Carefully tailor product mix to meet specific market need.

Owner / Investor

  • Evaluate & benchmark market conditions around prospective deals.
  • Monitor & assess market conditions around existing portfolio.
  • Enhance asset disposition strategy through real-time market analytics.
  • Obtain market condition context for evaluating operator performance.

Appraiser / Consultant

  • Enhance workflow efficiency & accuracy with customized analysis tools.
  • Run scenario analysis to assess sensitivity to key assumptions.
  • Dramatically expand range of analytics included in analyses.
  • Expand client value through the addition of benchmarking.


  • Evaluate the senior housing prospects for a site with the click of a button.
  • Understand ideal product mix to better target prospective buyers.
  • Generate detailed Site Reports for inclusion with site packages.
  • Increase prospective buyer confidence and willingness-to-pay.

Our team

VisionLTC's team has a combined 50+ years of experience in senior housing and geospatial analytics technology industries. This gives VisionLTC a unique insight into how technology and analytics can improve the performance of the senior housing industry at the ground level.

Co-Founder at Ravn Senior Solutions. Advisor at K4Connect. Advisor at Life2. Co-Founder at CareSolver. Co-Founder at LaptopSentry. Associate Principal, Corporate Strategy & New Product Development at the Advisory Board Company. BA, UNC-Chapel Hill. MBA, Harvard Business School.
Head of Development at Castle Worldwide Corporation. Co-Founder & CTO at CareSolver. Co-Founder & CTO at LaptopSentry. Lead Developer at Awhere. Lead Developer at the Flue Cured Tobacco Cooperative Stabilization Corporation. Co-Founder & CTO at IntelliGreen. BA, North Carolina State University.
Senior Advisor
Co-Founder at Ravn Senior Solutions. Advisor at K4Connect. Advisor at Life2. Advisor at Zift Solutions. CEO at Bell Senior Living (Sold to Five Star). Co-Founder & President at Southern Assisted Living (Sold to Brookdale). East Coast Divisional VP at Emeritus. 30+ Years Experience in Senior Housing. BA, UC-Irvine.